Our duty to act justly does not mean that we must treat others as our equals; it means that we must treat them as they deserve.


Life and its facade

Life as we know it is never truly the same at every time point. Life as a child, adolescent, adult, elder. Perception shifts like a pendulum, always returning to its beginning. An entry point, an exit.

In the eyes of a child, the picture seemingly bright and hopeful. In the eyes of an uninspired adult, a bleak but hollow end to the tunnel. The facade of life.

In each perspective, life goes on in constant speed and volume. Just as a time point cannot be expanded or altered. But the frame we capture in our minds differs and that’s the beauty in humanity. Whatever we say or do does not have a direct impact on the nature of life as we know it, but the nature of your perception. The existence of life passes us like a river. The “what” is constant but the “why” ever changing. The outcome dependent on the action. The infinity of past and future gapes before us – A chasm whose depths we cannot see.


It was one but a dip in probability. A tug at a line so weak, that humanity is questioned when it should have been dealt with utter faith. Trust is lost, shattered and buried.

He walked on a line so thin, gazing through the open valley beneath, the wind ever so gently teasing that flame within. Shaken but committed, unfazed by all environmental distractions, he gave humanity a chance. To look beyond the present moment of emotions. But the light of hope from redemption, hitting his skin with immense warmth and love. The power of hope shall never be belittled. For one who doubt it shall cower away and blame it on luck and forever live in the uncertainty of the dark forest.

Is it luck or the doing of your actions? Luck is defined by men who are incapable of deciphering the abnormality in the pattern of probability yet eager to give it its name. The world is a better place where we are driven by rationality and actions that are reminded of consequences. A theory proven time and time again.

A picture depicts the silhouette a man standing in a tunnel with a split road, both a sign of life and hope. But what is the life the man wants? An action leads to another and another. The pain of a moment saved him the pain of a lifetime. A wrong turn ignited a fire within that made its mark on the walls. The art of a dancing flame. Barely painful but enough to leave its scar. A sign of hope in humanity.



Dream A Little Dream || Tears Into Laughter (12.02.17)

As I nap, longer than usual, entering a next phase of sleep cycle, a sleep so deep, my memory churns out images and my cognitive turns them into moving films. This is the story it created…

A marriage turned into graduation ceremony. Sounds of weeping from a wedded Wife and Mother. As I walked with my red coat, it slowly chimed in with fits of laughter and college cheers. I grew increasingly nervous about what’s to come. Questions hit me like bullets through my pounding heart. Who’s marriage? Why am I involved? What should I say? WHy are there college cheers? Where am I? Who are they?

As I walk in the grassy pavement lined with ancient stone arches leading up to a great white building where the event was held. My coat was too big. I couldn’t stop walking. My Grandmother appeared to my right and handed me a special red coat. I exchanged it quickly and sped off. As I entered the building, darkness consumed me and day turned to night. I stood there for a while and my eyes soon adjusted and led me to an empty chair. I see throngs of people sitting and awaiting their turn to enter the stage to receive their scroll. The seat beside me soon became empty and I was wondering where the ushers are. I was clueless, when is my turn? A guy without the red coat everyone else was wearing, trudged up beside me with an attitude. He laid down low on the chair and hung his legs up. His head was so close to me, I skeet away. Disgusted by his attitude, I took stance and observed my surrounding in hope of familiarity.

Shawn, was smiling and clutching his scroll and congratulated by his friends. He walked by me with that suave motion that made the butterflies swoon all over my tummy the way it did all those years back.  I didn’t say hi. I smiled in my heart and acknowledged that we are graduating together. School has brought our unscheduled destiny, together once again. Then, I saw Quenten at another section. Finally! I almost ran to him. I touched him but he was coolly reading a book with shades on. Not sure how he can still see anything in such dim lighting and shades on. I was surprised by the nonchalant attitude. Seeing an empty chair in front, I took a seat and sulked when I noticed justin beside me. More than happy to entertain me, we chatted for a while and he was reading a book too. I rest my head on his shoulders and the scent of familiarity washed over me. I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of the book he was reading. It’s a sketch story of the latest movie I watched. I jumped in exclamation and we jumped into the topic right away. I reached behind for Quenten yet again but got shunned off. I’m not sure what I did but he won’t budge or acknowledge me. Justin nudged him a little and pushed him to tell us what’s wrong. He didn’t want to. What did I do…
A loud music started ringing through the air. My alarm…




Like the soft petals of the beautiful and symbolic Rose, we are but fragile beings. Masked by the image of poise as thorns grew increasingly menacing.

In the symbolisation of love, one does not simply set out to believe its existence. It has to be taught, experienced. The mindset to believe is a tricky path, for a wrong turn can send you tumbling through acres and acres of the hidden jungle. Where you may seek solace and peace or drown in the fear of the unknown.

Some are lucky to be cradled in love from the beginning of life. Some are not. Some learnt it the hard way, some threw themselves over love repeatedly without understanding its beauty. She, for one of the many million, walked through a journey of self doubt. Brought down by her capabilities to emote, she questions if it ever did exist. The influence of scientific nature taught us to analyse facts and data. Emotions have no data, no trend, no conclusions.

As the dilemma unfolds, a story begun.

She was all but a tiny Rose bud, refusing the immense love showered above her. For the thought of it relishing its powers over her was too much to process. Instead, shunned away, she seek comfort in solitude. Until one day, she woke to a unfamiliar warmth and comforting light that almost carried her up. A peculiar feeling, unknown to the world. Caught in the trance of pure love, the tiny Rose bud grew. Ever so beautiful in a place she never felt she belonged. The sun never stopped smiling. The curse was lifted.

In this winding journey of uncertainty, the curse creeps back through the roots unknowingly. Thorns grew sharper, words grew harsher. The sun does not understand the curse, for he cannot see. What you see, you do not understand. What you observe, you appreciate. The symbiotic relationship in all aspects of nature involves appreciation and tolerance. The strongest wins the war.

When thrown in the pit of unfamiliarity, the answer lies within. Jump one stone at a time, for the path has been set. The key is simply to observe and have faith. Once the Sun and the Rose appreciates the nature of their existence and the importance of love, they can then grow as one. Stronger than ever before.


Travel. Feel Inspired Again.

I truly believe travelling is the key to happiness. You must have heard of phrases like

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”
“Go buy yourself an experience.”

Very true indeed. To be able to be heard or communicate in a deeper level, you need to adopt the level of understanding, empathy, feeling for that person. These skills are only gained, when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to live another version of you. When I say travelling, I certainly don’t mean sightseeing and capturing the landmarks of cities. I mean living the life of the locals and understanding the way they live. That way, you truly appreciate the beauty and flaws of the country, the culture, the food, lifestyle, geography. It makes you appreciate parts of your life back home too. Or you could use some ideas you’ve learnt through these experiences and take it into your life and make it better. Travelling also clears your mind from the constant stress we get all day. By escaping for a few weeks, you allow your mind to rest and rejuvenate. You will become more efficient and you get inspired and motivated. Most often than not, work doesn’t inspire you. You’re basically told what to do and you just do that one thing really well. Let your soul breathe and see that life has more meaning to that. Feel inspired again.

Travelling gives you more insights to what the world has to offer. The biggest mistake any man can make is to assume they are already living in the best state without finding out what the rest of the world is like. Thats the kind of ignorance I don’t want to adopt. Through conversations with certain people, you can tell their ability to share, to empathise and connect at a level beneath all that superficial cues thrown at you in an attempt to impress you. Talking to someone who has seen the world gives you a different feeling. They understand you, they want to know more about you, they share, they are open minded, able to accept change and differences in people. Its a skill that one cannot simply learn through textbooks.

It is truly a privilege in our current era to be able to travel anytime, anywhere. Everything is an instant gratification. We basically grew up with that. Accept this privilege and make the best of it. We are all given a chance in this world to do great things. Not just exist. Learn from people from all walks of life. Be a better version of yourself.




Europe bound to be with the love of my life

Since he’s studying in Leicester, our annual meet ups are usually in Europe. So here’s the first one! 

Filtered effect due to the extremely foggy and chilly winter in London. The people were genuine, streets were safe, shopping was good. General city bustle. 

Not forgetting… the amazing winter wonderland! Shit loads of fun and adrenaline rush! 

Beautiful Christmas decorations. And OMG.. let us just gawk at how amazing Primark is!?? The last time I was here, I had a huge haul too! 

Rome struck me deep in my heart with their vast culture and history. I’ve been so interested and amazed with their history since being inspired by their grand ancient sites and museums. I’m in absolute awe. Rome is also warmer than most other European regions during winter too! That’s a huge bonus! 

How can we miss this this iconic pantheon? Took my breathe away. 

The palastine site. It’s almost like another Pompeii. One day I’ll be there! 

The beautiful, historical, amazing and famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. Legend says if you toss a coin and it lands in the fountain, you will return to the eternal city, Rome. 

Spent the entire day in The Vatican City in awe of the vast display of arts and the stories of the past in the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s basilica. Is it one of the seven wonders? It should be! 

Paid £42 for 1kg of Fiorentina steak at Vito restaurant in Rome before we left! Second best steak I’ve ever eaten. Simply quality meat. 

The beautiful city scape of the beautiful Florence, Italy. Climbed the bell tower of the church to see this spectacular view. It’s about 600+ steps up and no elevator! But worth it! 

The best hotel we stayed throughout our Europe trip! Pontevechio Relais in Florence. Open the balcony door and you can admire the river, the Pontevechio and people taking strolls along the river bank. Incredible. So relaxed and comfortable. Also, the high ceiling. Just splendid! 

Made friends with a guy from Rome on our way in the sleeper train and he recommended that we need to dine at this family run restaurant. We didn’t know the entire town is gonna be there! It was crowded but oh the food was delicious and affordable. Life is worth living for food like this! 

Need I explain further how incredible the Church in Milan is? I think it’s world famous and truly remarkable. Photos don’t even do it justice. Be there to experience it for yourself.

The famous Eiffel Tower. I had no idea Mr Eiffel built this with a mini room at the top floor and held lavish meetings and events up there! 

Finally managed to go into the louvre! Didn’t manage to squeeze time in the last time I was in Paris. Walked the entire day. It’s impossible to finish viewing every piece within a trip. 

This trip, was for you. Merry Christmas and May this new year be an amazing year for us and everyone else alike. ❤️ 



Self actualization and happiness

When do you reach self actualization and truly know yourself? By what do you define happiness? There is a strong correlation. 

As we grow older, we come to a point where you’ve seen enough bullshit that you know exactly how you would react and make decisions and that self actualization of who you really are and the way you perceive yourself comes. Describe yourself. What kind of character do you uphold? You may not be able to describe yourself more than someone else can about you but you are the only validation you give yourself for who you are. Only you need to say okay to your character and your perception. Don’t let social media, reality, friends and family sway you away from who you were made to be. Your purpose for existence. 

The definition of happiness is seldom made as a fact. It is ultimately a feeling and can only be felt by you. When you assure yourself that that is what happiness looks like, then that’s what happiness looks like. Again, the way you perceive things. Growing up, different experience, friends, family, social influence can shape the way you define happiness. When you were young, having ice cream was happiness, but now, maybe the worlds largest treasury funds can’t make you happy. We seek too much with so little. Humans became greedy. As you grow older, the more you know can offer and you want all of it. 

The correlation between happiness and self actualization is strong. The answer lies within the balance of life. What do you actually seek? Happiness has different meanings in different stages of life. Once you seek yourself from within and look back and the person you become from those memories, you start perceiving what makes you happy the way you do. No memories can be exchanged for money, for the journey through time is the most valuable gift of all. The baby steps you took to become who you truly are today. Don’t cave in to societal demands of happiness and a particular being of desire. Life is lived by your own rules.