It was one but a dip in probability. A tug at a line so weak, that humanity is questioned when it should have been dealt with utter faith. Trust is lost, shattered and buried.

He walked on a line so thin, gazing through the open valley beneath, the wind ever so gently teasing that flame within. Shaken but committed, unfazed by all environmental distractions, he gave humanity a chance. To look beyond the present moment of emotions. But the light of hope from redemption, hitting his skin with immense warmth and love. The power of hope shall never be belittled. For one who doubt it shall cower away and blame it on luck and forever live in the uncertainty of the dark forest.

Is it luck or the doing of your actions? Luck is defined by men who are incapable of deciphering the abnormality in the pattern of probability yet eager to give it its name. The world is a better place where we are driven by rationality and actions that are reminded of consequences. A theory proven time and time again.

A picture depicts the silhouette a man standing in a tunnel with a split road, both a sign of life and hope. But what is the life the man wants? An action leads to another and another. The pain of a moment saved him the pain of a lifetime. A wrong turn ignited a fire within that made its mark on the walls. The art of a dancing flame. Barely painful but enough to leave its scar. A sign of hope in humanity.




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