As I nap, longer than usual, entering a next phase of sleep cycle, a sleep so deep, my memory churns out images and my cognitive turns them into moving films. This is the story it created…

A marriage turned into graduation ceremony. Sounds of weeping from a wedded Wife and Mother. As I walked with my red coat, it slowly chimed in with fits of laughter and college cheers. I grew increasingly nervous about what’s to come. Questions hit me like bullets through my pounding heart. Who’s marriage? Why am I involved? What should I say? WHy are there college cheers? Where am I? Who are they?

As I walk in the grassy pavement lined with ancient stone arches leading up to a great white building where the event was held. My coat was too big. I couldn’t stop walking. My Grandmother appeared to my right and handed me a special red coat. I exchanged it quickly and sped off. As I entered the building, darkness consumed me and day turned to night. I stood there for a while and my eyes soon adjusted and led me to an empty chair. I see throngs of people sitting and awaiting their turn to enter the stage to receive their scroll. The seat beside me soon became empty and I was wondering where the ushers are. I was clueless, when is my turn? A guy without the red coat everyone else was wearing, trudged up beside me with an attitude. He laid down low on the chair and hung his legs up. His head was so close to me, I skeet away. Disgusted by his attitude, I took stance and observed my surrounding in hope of familiarity.

Shawn, was smiling and clutching his scroll and congratulated by his friends. He walked by me with that suave motion that made the butterflies swoon all over my tummy the way it did all those years back.  I didn’t say hi. I smiled in my heart and acknowledged that we are graduating together. School has brought our unscheduled destiny, together once again. Then, I saw Quenten at another section. Finally! I almost ran to him. I touched him but he was coolly reading a book with shades on. Not sure how he can still see anything in such dim lighting and shades on. I was surprised by the nonchalant attitude. Seeing an empty chair in front, I took a seat and sulked when I noticed justin beside me. More than happy to entertain me, we chatted for a while and he was reading a book too. I rest my head on his shoulders and the scent of familiarity washed over me. I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of the book he was reading. It’s a sketch story of the latest movie I watched. I jumped in exclamation and we jumped into the topic right away. I reached behind for Quenten yet again but got shunned off. I’m not sure what I did but he won’t budge or acknowledge me. Justin nudged him a little and pushed him to tell us what’s wrong. He didn’t want to. What did I do…
A loud music started ringing through the air. My alarm…




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