Like the soft petals of the beautiful and symbolic Rose, we are but fragile beings. Masked by the image of poise as thorns grew increasingly menacing.

In the symbolisation of love, one does not simply set out to believe its existence. It has to be taught, experienced. The mindset to believe is a tricky path, for a wrong turn can send you tumbling through acres and acres of the hidden jungle. Where you may seek solace and peace or drown in the fear of the unknown.

Some are lucky to be cradled in love from the beginning of life. Some are not. Some learnt it the hard way, some threw themselves over love repeatedly without understanding its beauty. She, for one of the many million, walked through a journey of self doubt. Brought down by her capabilities to emote, she questions if it ever did exist. The influence of scientific nature taught us to analyse facts and data. Emotions have no data, no trend, no conclusions.

As the dilemma unfolds, a story begun.

She was all but a tiny Rose bud, refusing the immense love showered above her. For the thought of it relishing its powers over her was too much to process. Instead, shunned away, she seek comfort in solitude. Until one day, she woke to a unfamiliar warmth and comforting light that almost carried her up. A peculiar feeling, unknown to the world. Caught in the trance of pure love, the tiny Rose bud grew. Ever so beautiful in a place she never felt she belonged. The sun never stopped smiling. The curse was lifted.

In this winding journey of uncertainty, the curse creeps back through the roots unknowingly. Thorns grew sharper, words grew harsher. The sun does not understand the curse, for he cannot see. What you see, you do not understand. What you observe, you appreciate. The symbiotic relationship in all aspects of nature involves appreciation and tolerance. The strongest wins the war.

When thrown in the pit of unfamiliarity, the answer lies within. Jump one stone at a time, for the path has been set. The key is simply to observe and have faith. Once the Sun and the Rose appreciates the nature of their existence and the importance of love, they can then grow as one. Stronger than ever before.



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