Since he’s studying in Leicester, our annual meet ups are usually in Europe. So here’s the first one! 

Filtered effect due to the extremely foggy and chilly winter in London. The people were genuine, streets were safe, shopping was good. General city bustle. 

Not forgetting… the amazing winter wonderland! Shit loads of fun and adrenaline rush! 

Beautiful Christmas decorations. And OMG.. let us just gawk at how amazing Primark is!?? The last time I was here, I had a huge haul too! 

Rome struck me deep in my heart with their vast culture and history. I’ve been so interested and amazed with their history since being inspired by their grand ancient sites and museums. I’m in absolute awe. Rome is also warmer than most other European regions during winter too! That’s a huge bonus! 

How can we miss this this iconic pantheon? Took my breathe away. 

The palastine site. It’s almost like another Pompeii. One day I’ll be there! 

The beautiful, historical, amazing and famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. Legend says if you toss a coin and it lands in the fountain, you will return to the eternal city, Rome. 

Spent the entire day in The Vatican City in awe of the vast display of arts and the stories of the past in the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s basilica. Is it one of the seven wonders? It should be! 

Paid £42 for 1kg of Fiorentina steak at Vito restaurant in Rome before we left! Second best steak I’ve ever eaten. Simply quality meat. 

The beautiful city scape of the beautiful Florence, Italy. Climbed the bell tower of the church to see this spectacular view. It’s about 600+ steps up and no elevator! But worth it! 

The best hotel we stayed throughout our Europe trip! Pontevechio Relais in Florence. Open the balcony door and you can admire the river, the Pontevechio and people taking strolls along the river bank. Incredible. So relaxed and comfortable. Also, the high ceiling. Just splendid! 

Made friends with a guy from Rome on our way in the sleeper train and he recommended that we need to dine at this family run restaurant. We didn’t know the entire town is gonna be there! It was crowded but oh the food was delicious and affordable. Life is worth living for food like this! 

Need I explain further how incredible the Church in Milan is? I think it’s world famous and truly remarkable. Photos don’t even do it justice. Be there to experience it for yourself.

The famous Eiffel Tower. I had no idea Mr Eiffel built this with a mini room at the top floor and held lavish meetings and events up there! 

Finally managed to go into the louvre! Didn’t manage to squeeze time in the last time I was in Paris. Walked the entire day. It’s impossible to finish viewing every piece within a trip. 

This trip, was for you. Merry Christmas and May this new year be an amazing year for us and everyone else alike. ❤️ 




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