When do you reach self actualization and truly know yourself? By what do you define happiness? There is a strong correlation. 

As we grow older, we come to a point where you’ve seen enough bullshit that you know exactly how you would react and make decisions and that self actualization of who you really are and the way you perceive yourself comes. Describe yourself. What kind of character do you uphold? You may not be able to describe yourself more than someone else can about you but you are the only validation you give yourself for who you are. Only you need to say okay to your character and your perception. Don’t let social media, reality, friends and family sway you away from who you were made to be. Your purpose for existence. 

The definition of happiness is seldom made as a fact. It is ultimately a feeling and can only be felt by you. When you assure yourself that that is what happiness looks like, then that’s what happiness looks like. Again, the way you perceive things. Growing up, different experience, friends, family, social influence can shape the way you define happiness. When you were young, having ice cream was happiness, but now, maybe the worlds largest treasury funds can’t make you happy. We seek too much with so little. Humans became greedy. As you grow older, the more you know can offer and you want all of it. 

The correlation between happiness and self actualization is strong. The answer lies within the balance of life. What do you actually seek? Happiness has different meanings in different stages of life. Once you seek yourself from within and look back and the person you become from those memories, you start perceiving what makes you happy the way you do. No memories can be exchanged for money, for the journey through time is the most valuable gift of all. The baby steps you took to become who you truly are today. Don’t cave in to societal demands of happiness and a particular being of desire. Life is lived by your own rules. 




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