Does anyone else feel the same about love? It makes you vulnerable but yet, also strong. 

Vulnerable because when you’re in love, the person inside you out shines who you try to be everyday. I appear headstrong and charged because that’s who I want to be, knowing that I’m really just a little girl curious about the world out there. I try to be that person until I truly became. The power of fake it till you make it. There’s science behind it too. But when you truly love someone, a part of you says it’s okay to show who you really are deep inside. True love only happens when you be yourself. For that person accepts every beauty and flaw that comes with you. 

Strong; because it brings out the better person in you. You’re reminded that you have to be strong to be able to sustain the relationship. It works both ways. When you love someone, you literally can go to the moon and back. The power of Love shall not be underestimated. Humans were known to do the unthinkable for the love of their life. With such a strong will power, you can accomplish anything. Anything. 

Love requires patience, understanding, compromisation, acts of kindness, to keep the flame alive. It’s not just a feeling. It’s how you develop it. Even a flame burns in different colours and produce different outcomes. Dimmer  doesn’t mean less, just as brighter does not mean more. A dim flame is subtle yet warm and loving, whilst not showing off, it’s a slow and steady heating process. A bright flame is strong and powerful, fast and dangerous. Either way, it does the same job. Just as love gives us all the mutual feeling of euphoria.

Always remember. If you have the same goal in mind and you only think about that goal and not worry about the small hiccups along the way, you’ll go further than expected. Just like every road has its little bumps but still take you to the same destination. It’s the little bumps that give you a memorable journey. 



P.S This is for you, my love 


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