Being stuck in this constant inner debate with myself surfaces many questions. What do I really love? My life is so tired that I can’t find the time to relax and find my inner peace to figure out what truly makes me happy. This hustling to emerge at the top has diminished what used to be that flame to keep me burning for my future. Exhaustion, the lack of time, has forced me to be an introvert, something I never associated myself with. I resorted to being pushed around by waves of social demands and what others perceive as success and happiness. The two qualities that people often work towards when they start getting their shit together. 

What do you truly want to do in life? Is this what you chose? Or is this fate given to you in a lucky draw coupon that you accepted without bargaining for a better one? Human beings were once strong and united people with minds that only seek for the better of the ones they love and care about. When you make a decision, do you make it for yourself or for the people around you? 

In the past, a 10 member strong family all make the choices in their life with the consideration of their 9 other counterparts. Together we are stronger. The power of the human spirit and brainwaves in perfect sync is more powerful than you can ever imagine. People in the current era has resorted to the fight for survival. The strongest win. This is not all entirely our fault but that of evolution. This exponential increase in human population has forced this trait in us. If we don’t fight for ourselves, who will? We lack this bond and team spirit we used to uphold ever so proudly.  

With an over saturation of people with self centered attitude, it sprouts beautiful souls of free spirited people who care less about the world and what society perceives of them. They harness the energy within and only seek what deem fit for their unique personality. 

Only when you can control your thoughts, you can control your mind. Seek and Ye shall find. But don’t push yourself too hard to ask for something that hasn’t shone its way into your life. Think in the moment. What makes you happy right now? Maybe a little greedier, what makes you happy today? Count your blessings and let your thoughts pave the way. Just keep believing you were made for a higher purpose, even if you never got to reach there, you leave this world with the greatest gift, Believe.




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