The Greatest Love of All

Even right now, I am only 10% in favour of having my own children. Reason being, I’m selfish. I don’t think I will ever be ready to be a mother. A life time of responsibilities. Hard earned money just to raise my children. What about my hopes and dreams? I think many people in the 20s can attain to that. As the header of this blog states, “Making The World My Home” clearly, is self explanatory. Be a universal traveler and make the world my home. How was I to do that and raise children? In the past, people have the luxury to stay home as wives and take care of children while the father is the sole bread winner of the family. Given the current context of high competitiveness, its hardly possible to do that unless you intend to seek a simple life and work hard relentlessly for the sake of your children. There is bound to be tremendous amount of sacrifice.

One day over lunch, I was conversing with an online buyer who is interested in buying the leather jacket that my boyfriend bought but couldn’t fit in. It was a new piece and I was trying to sell it away online. This wasn’t the first time I did this for him. I’ve met countless irritating buyers who ask so many questions, met up with them and not show up. So the point is, I thought to myself. Why am I doing this for him without getting any profit in return? Why do I sacrifice my precious time and effort to do this for him? The answer was because I love him. That’s all there is. I did it out of pure love and no questioning.

In the beginning of adulthood or after bad break up you tend to tell yourself that you foresee yourself being single. Of course it was the easiest option. And then you met a guy who gave you all the reasons to love him. You start showering him with endless love and support. Even though you’re tired after work, you still bring yourself to drive up to his house to meet him an even on weekends. All that you do for love. Its simply the same notion for caring for your child isn’t it?

I don’t want children right now because I’m not ready. When will I ever be? You will only be ready for love when you see it and feel it right in front of you. As human beings, I believe we are born to adapt and to nurture and to continue the generation of human kind. We will be ready when the time comes. Take a leap of faith and you will know what to do. When you finally understand the deeper meaning of true love and self sacrifice for a greater kind of love, for others before self, you will see things in a different light. Life will have a new profound form of joy and happiness that no money can buy.




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