Dream A Little Dream ||A Chick Flick (020716)

I dreamt that I was studying in this boarding school or some sort. The teachers and students live together in this huge school which is owned by the principal and her husband. The design of the school is very vintage and Victorian style with sturdy pillars and structures (Its almost like Hogwarts)

So I have a boyfriend, his name is Jason. There was this other guy whom I am very close to, Daniel. I think the feeling is mutual between Daniel and I but its kinda complicated here with my situation with Jason. Jason’s parents are more well to do and have high expectations of him. Naturally they want him to date a girl of high profile and of standard. They would never approve of me. Whereas for Daniel, his parents are very friendly and very well liked by people in the Neighbourhood. Sometimes when Daniel and I meet up for dates, and if we happen to see his parents, we would pretend we are doing some sort of studies or experimenting with a new aroma therapy oil scent (Idk why, but yeah aroma therapy oil lol) Daniels parents are more accepting of me. I rarely go on dates with jason cause he’s the popular kid in school and his parents would kill the both of us if we were ever seen together. So, dates with him aren’t as special and it’s quite pressuring.

One day after school, most of us students were playing Basketball at the court at level 6. The game ended and some of them stayed back to play more or just hang around. I was quite tired so I went of with the other kids. I realised that both Daniel and Jason were still at the basketball court hanging out with the rest so I decided to call them because I caught a glimpse of our principal on the way down back to our dorms. I called jason and he didn’t pick up. I called Daniel and when he picked up, I just didn’t know what to say to him. I felt like something fishy was going on up there. I hid at a corner of the stairwell and saw the principal went in to the basketball court sneakily. She stood at the door for a few mins seemingly observing their actions. And then she went back down with a smirk on her face. I then went up to have a look. I saw jason and two other guys screwing two girls at a corner of the basketball court! A while later I saw jason made a phone call. I think he’s probably calling one of his doctors to handle the fucked up girl and make sure she’s not pregnant or something. I was so angry and upset I ran back to my room and cried my eyes out. And then I remembered our principal standing at the door watching and smiling to herself. I thought that was weird.

The next morning I was woken up by a commotion down at the hall. Many of the kids were gathered there and I saw jason being handcuffed away with 2 other guys. He saw the look on my face and his face wasn’t apologetic but oddly more of crying for help. I scoffed at him and went off with the other kids staring at me from behind. The whole world thinks that I’ve been cheated on right now. Daniel came to my room and tried to explain the situation. He was there and he witnessed the whole thing but I use couldn’t listen. I was mad at him for not stopping jason. If he cared about me he would have stopped him. One day as I was studying with my friend, the cleaning lady came up to us and asked me about the phone connection in school. She then showed me her phone. It was Jason’s! I quickly asked her where she got this phone and she said she picked it up from the Basketball court and decided it was ok to use it. I looked through the pass history of phone records and saw that the phone call he made to the doctor that night of the incident wasn’t successful. Someone cut off the phone line for a period of time so he couldn’t make that phone call! I told the cleaning lady the truth and what I thought about the situation with the principal at the scene that night. The lady then pulled us to a corner and made sure no one was around. She told my friend and I that our principal is not who we think she is. She’s evil. The cleaning lady then showed us a secret passageway to the principals room and up to a secret stairwell that leads to everywhere in the school building. She literally got access every where and even places we never knew existed. We are not safe anymore. I always wondered why this fireplace was never used. It wasn’t even a fire place at all! It’s a trapdoor  that can be pulled out that lead to a hidden stairwell. The stairwell hasn’t been used for awhile and the steps are filled with saw dust from the drilling of the trapdoor. The three of us creeped up to her room to collect some of her DNA samples so when we sue her, we have her evidence. We took her shower cap, a piece of scarf and her mug then ran back down as fast as we can. Halfway down, she and her husband was having a secret meeting in a balcony covered with sheer curtain. I’ve never seen that balcony before. I caught a glimpse of her husband through the curtain briefly but I’m not sure if he was looking our direction. I brushed the thought off and focused on getting out. I kept the evidence in a zip lock bag and told Daniel all about it. He decided to help me because he believed me. He was at the scene itself and felt something was off too. He think they were framed. And that’s when I woke up.

I was so angry when I woke up. I tried going back to sleep in hope to continue this amazing story. I wanted to know the ending and what happened. But, no. I had to be wide awake.




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