An unforgettable Parisian journey

May is a month of events, upturns and downturns alike. Which makes it special for me. Its my birth month. And this year, We’re headed off to Paris! An eventful 12 day holiday.

I’ll be updating the few must see places in Paris that we’ve covered during the trip and what its special for.

Chantilly Chateau

Ever heard of Chantilly cream? This district is its birthplace! Not just famous for the delicacy, the castle offers a marvelous view and idea of the lavish lifestyle the kings and queens used to live. This place is also a wonderful place to go if you love horses or is a jockey.

van gogh church
Church made famous by artist Van Gogh
Van gogh cemetery
Theodore and Vincent Van Gogh final resting place

The peaceful final resting place for the brothers is set across the sunflower fields a breezy walk away from the church.

Bon marche macaron
Amazing macarons at on Marche in the heart of Paris Central
diana site
Princess Diana Memorial

This is said to be the exact location where the beloved Princess Diana had her fatal accident. It can be found at the cross junction while walking along the Seine River bank.

Bateaux Mouches
Bateaux Mouches

The one thing I’m sure every tourist that ever been to Paris did. The river cruise. I suggest taking the river cruise during sunset hours. You’ll get to experience the light up of the Eiffel Tower after sunset. Pretty romantic. The river cruise is approximately 1 Hour.

Le puces
Le Puces de Saint Ouen Flea Market

This place is pretty hard to find and you may get a culture shock once you exit the metro station. To get to this antique and contemporary arts market, you have to walk through a market selling imitation goods and weed bongs etc. You can kinda imagine the type of people you will be greeted with. Make sure you take care of your belongings while at it. This art market is a must go for people who love vintage antiques, contemporary art pieces, old records, vintage apparels and accessories.

saint chapelle
Saint Chapelle


I was in awe of this beautiful church. The restoration works were superb and full of effort. There are 15 stained glass panels in the whole church and each window depicts a series of events from the story Christ. Starting from The Genesis to The Revelation. The sheer serenity of this church gives you that space to slowly admire the art work of each window.

notre dame
Notre Dame

Just a slight walking distance away from Saint Chapelle. The fame brought about my the humpback of Notre Dame brought this church much recognition. But it should not be confused as the oldest church of France. Its just famous and definitely huge. We were lucky to be able to sit in for their evening mass. The gospel choir was amazing.


Montmatre is a rather different themed district from central Paris. Its more artsy-fartsy. This is the famous church there and we even witnessed a wedding photo shoot as this church offers a scenic viewpoint of Paris. The clear blue sky made the climb up there totally worth it. Its not everyday you get blue skies is Paris.

montmatre wedding
Wedding photo shoot at Monmatre

We took a 6 hour long road trip to the North of France. The destination, Mont Saint Michel! Our road trip towards Mont Saint Michel takes us through Honfleur and Deauville.

Dock at Honfleur
deauville beach
Deauville Beach

This beach is rather spectacular as the shoreline goes all the way up. And you can see some jockeys riding from time to time. This is also where France hold many celebrity red carpets events. Properties in Deauville are mostly weekend homes or rented out as its a pretty expensive estate. There are also a few beautiful homes we saw for rent or AirBnB here.

Deauville marche
Marche in Deauville
Versailles Palace

I cant even begin to describe how magnificent this palace is. Its huge beyond what your mind is estimating right now. And of course utterly beautiful. The interior tour of the palace takes you back in time to understand the French empire and the lavish life of the King.

hall of mirrors
Famous Hall of Mirrors
versailles garden
Versailles Garden

This is just one of the gardens in Versailles palace. If you would like to tour the entire district of Versailles and the palace, I would highly recommend taking the entire day and slowly marvel at it. Access to different gardens and palace requires buying separate tickets.

Chateau Pierrfond
Chateau Pierrfond
Monet Garden
Monet Garden

Monet is a famous artist and his love for a diversity of flowers is evident from this garden in front of his humble home. He also has a Japanese Garden. This is a must go! Monet Garden is located at Giverny. You may like to search some amazing AirBnB around this area too.

chartes church
Chartes Cathedral

This cathedral goes back more than a century old. You could take the guided tours up to the bell and also to the dungeon. I was sick that day and hence did not take the opportunity to do that.

chartes labyrinth
Chartes labyrinth

The floor of the old cathedral has this labyrinth and the town takes on this logo as their symbol.

All in all, the trip to France was amazing. Although we didn’t get to go to some of the places we wanted to due to the strikes on petrol in the country. I would definitely do a road trip down to the rest of Europe in the future.




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